Q. How does one decide on a design?

A. The custom order procedure is very easy and dauntless. There is a Custom Crown Questionnaire in which you may provide insights regarding your hobbies and interests. Once we review your submission we will come up with various appropriate concepts (in writing) from which you may choose the one you would like our atist to proceed with. The artist assumes 95% of the creative freedom in the procedure. We guarantee that you will be happy with the result.

Q. Is the design waterproof?

A. The finished, dried medium has a rubberized consistency that is extremely water resistant.

Q. What if I do not know my fitted size?

A. Take a tape measure and measure the circumference of your head. Use the chart provided on the Custom Crown Questionnaire to determine your fitted hat size.

Q. If I want one of the previous designs, can I order a custom looking exactly alike?

A. We can make similar designs that incorporate the desirable aspects of past designs. No two Jangala Custom Crowns are alike and will not be duplicated. We want to ensure our customers that when they order a custom of their own, it is the only one like it in existence.

Q. How do I wash my Jangala Crown?

A. Jangala Crowns are 100% acrylic. They should be washed (by hand only) in cold water with dish soap. Let dry outside at moderate temperature. NEVER MACHINE DRY.


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