About the designs

There are many qualities about Jangala hats, affectionately called Jangala Crowns, that make them stand out. Each Jangala Crown is 100% unique, "one-of-a-kind" and something very special. Like a snowflake no two are identical. This has developed into an important concept here at Jangala Designs.

The paint used to create the designs is fabric (puffy/dimensional) paint that is UV reactive. Countless hours of tremendous care are invested in each design. Once the design is finished it is left for 6 hours to dry to its completion. This medium is remarkably rain-resistant and has a plastic/rubberized consistency that will not run when wet. Much of the visual appeal and finesse of a Jangala Crown comes from the bond that is created between the paint and the fabric. Although your Jangala Crown's design is very durable, the utmost care should be put into keeping it intact as with any other art (see the FAQ page for more information on caring for your custom Crown).

A customer now has the option of adding a gemstone to the center of their custom crown. The stones that are available are pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, garnet, lapis lazuli and epidote of a high grade. The gemstones are set into the hat in a very unique way, using the paint itself. They are held securely in place and they are added to increase aesthetic appeal and overall value to your purchase.


Photo Credit: Greg Caparell

Hratch Jangala

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