About Us

Jangala Designs LLC is a custom clothing company that is making its debut into the mainstream. Starting out as modest single artist operation, Jangala has seen substantial growth. From the very first creations branded with the Jangala name, attention to detail and a pure love for art has always been placed as the pinnacle of how we run every facet of our business. Jangala designs is dedicated to giving our customers the very best of ourselves.

Jangala Designs is intended to offer great new original designs to the public. Influenced by traditional patterns, like those seen in Tibetan Mandalas, we are focused on radial and isometric balance. Our mission is to provide clothing, particularly hats, that possess true visionary attributes and provide an exciting new style of high-quality, relevant fashion. We are deeply dedicated to see our society become a better place and we solidly believe it starts with the art that people are surrounded by.

Jangala Designs LLC is projected to be particularly popular among young adults between the ages of 18 and 24. Thus far, Jangala Designs is attracting interest from all corners of the globe. We are different from our competitors in that our focus on fluorescent products are black light reactive. Each one of our hats are a completely unique manifestation of many hours of work. In addition to their fluorescence, they also glow-in-the-dark. Nothing else on the market can be compared to Jangala in its category. A Jangala Crown, in and of itself is a conversation starter. If you are looking to sport a hat to a concert or a music festival, or simply to look fly at the hottest club in the city, look no further than Jangala Designs.