Sales Tax

Don't worry about sales tax if you are not in Rhode Island, one of Jangala Designs advantages. As required by law, sales tax is applied to all purchases shipping to a Rhode Island address at the local rate of 7.00%. If you do reside in Rhode Island and your order is subject to Rhode Island tax, the tax amount will be applied to your invoice at the time of payment.

Order Sales Tax Applicable Rate Notes
I am shipping to an address outside of Rhode Island or Internationally No N/A N/A
I am shipping to a Rhode Island address Yes 7% Sales tax is calculated off of the merchandise price of each item ONLY. Shipping charges are not applicable nor subject to sales tax.
I am placing an order to Tax-Exempt Government Agency or Institution No N/A Please provide a copy of your tax-exempt status or resale certification at the time of order for our records.

Please note that Jangala Designs, as required by law, withholds sales tax. These laws are subject to change and the customer is responsible for paying any sales, use or value-added taxes not withheld by Jangala Designs. In addition, Jangala Designs reserves the right to change this policy as needed.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.