The Process

The Jangala Designs design process begins with the Custom Crown questionnaire. Once your questionnaire is received and PayPal payment is verified, your hat will be ordered if your size is not in stock (approx. 5-6 days). During this time, we will contact you directly to discuss in more detail the artist's vision for your design as well as any other important aspects that will be relevant to the creation process. Once your hat arrives, the painting process begins. A period of 20 days is allowed for all paintwork to be performed, set and dried. When your design is complete, your hat will be shipped to you. The whole process usually takes around a month.


Pricing and Materials

A custom crafted Jangala Crown starts at $220 USD. This includes full front panel paint on a black Pit Bull 100% cotton baseball cap. An additional $20 is charged for a Grassroots California hat, a New Era, a marbled hat or any other requested hat brand. For an additional $35, you may get the top of the brim painted as a continuation of the front panel design.

NEW: You now have the option of adding a gemstone to the center of your custom crown. The stones that are available are pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, garnet, lapis lazuli and epidote of a high grade. The gemstones are set into the hat in a very unique way, using the paint itself. They are held securely in place and are added to increase aesthetic appeal and overall value to your purchase. The additional cost for a gemstone in your design varies and will be discussed personally with you.

* Some designs may take more time and paint. Jangala Designs will be in touch with you to discuss your design details and provide an accurate estimation of time to completion and total price.


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